Maapera is not trying to compete with Consulting Firms

While we have technical staff that can go to the field to help with training or on critical projects where you would like our expertise this is not our primary business model. We want to help you and your team to get more information faster.

We firmly believe that doubling up on technician costs in the field is not a good option and we believe that our written procedures and online video training modules will enable field technicians to work with our technology!


A brief overview of the steps conducted in the field are outlined below but we also have detailed videos of the process on our Youtube Channel.


The process in the field

We make Analyzing soil contamination quick and easy


Scan calibration soil samples – supplied by Maapera – to confirm set up is correct


Collect sample in typical industry practice and take sample to scanning set up (skinning is recommended)



Place contact probe with attached spacer that leaves 1 cm gap up to the sample.



Scan as many samples as you like and, when ready, submit data to Maapera’s 24/7 client portal for Analysis (10min to 2hrs for results). The results will be available to all your authorized staff and clients through our cloud portal.


Featured Training Videos

The following are the two most important videos to watch if you are in the field and need a refresher on how to set up and operate the equipment as well as interact with the web portal for analysis.