Faster-Better Decision Making with MORE DATA that MEANs Reduced Risk 


What is Maapera?

Maapera is an Environmental Services Company that is combining Advanced NIRS Sensing Tools with Proprietary Machine Learning Based Analysis and Automated Visualization to improve the soil analysis and remediation activities in the world.




Who should consider Maapera’s Services?

Are you Soil Scientist, Environmental Engineer/ Consultant that struggles to provide a complete picture, in a timely fashion, to your client when assessing industrial or commercial sites for contamination?


Perhaps you are a site owner and you are tired to the inaccuracies that lead major changes in scope for site remediation due to poor site modelling and extensive over-dig requirements to ensure site cleanliness?



The benefits of Maapera?

Our unique testing system allows soil to be analyzed rapidly for petroleum hydrocarbons, PAH’s, salts, water content, and texture. Maapera’s rapid testing, automated visualization tools, and networked sharing of results greatly increase onsite efficiency and allows the consultant to monitor several projects at once from head office. By providing near real-time testing of up to 10X as many samples contaminated soil can be assessed and remediated more effectively and efficiently. We want to help improve the confidence you have in the assessment and remediation activities you perform.